Tuesday, October 3, 2017

A New Adventure

It's been a while since I've posted on this forum and a lot has changed. It's been five years since I finished the PCT, and I've lived in a populated, diverse city that has culturally enriched me, challenged my personality, beliefs and passions, and has also shaped the last five years of my twenties. These have been incredibly formative years.

Embarking on a new adventure is never easy. The 'fear of the unknown' makes me feel most alive and makes me anxious as hell. I love the beautiful balance of feeling on the edge of a nerve that is about to break over fear and that equally fills me with adrenaline. The Compound, the name my home had been given long before I arrived, has been my resting place for five years. I transitioned into this home after hiking the PCT. This was my first 'home' after High Trails and possibly the longest place I've ever lived since my family moved around a ton when I was young. It was a dilapidated, old house full of projects, character, and movement. People moved in and out, chickens at one point ran amok in the backyard, large zucchinis grew out front, canoe bikes were fabricated in the garage, and a climbing wall was installed on the platform in our basement. Our house was far from clean but we loved it. When we learned that we would be losing it, it felt like a huge decision to move to a new place and pay up to three times more for rent. I've always wanted to live in a vehicle, and always imagine it would take place on a climbing trip around North America. Well, here I am. Living in my car. In Oakland. And I love it.

This new adventure will certainly pose its challenges.  Day 1 - I ran over a nail. Flat tire instantly which resulted in a quick tire change and getting back on the road. Go figure though. My home becomes my vehicle and you get deflated.

I've had plenty of community reaching out to help and support too. A few of my friends at a one year old's birthday party really beautifully empathized and supported me this weekend. Most come at the situation with uncertainty, doubt, disbelief and judgement. These two ladies in particular helped frame how courageous this is, and how it is taking minimalism to the next step. That I am taking on this challenge as a choice, which is a privileged in itself, and that it does not have to be named 'homeless' but simply, 'houseless'. I am houseless for now, and for now I am living in my car.

Another friend of mine reflected that I always enjoy being a part of the creation of something. It's always been about building up something from new, watching it grow, seeking the challenge, and finding fulfillment throughout. If I decided to move into a co-op, this would feel like jumping right to the finish line. Granted, I could develop and create more once I'm there, but if I had started the co-op with some friends and had this to focus my attention on, that would be a much more fulfilling experience.

So here I am, defending my choice to live in my car. I am excited to document the ups and down, silly, weird parts and reflect on what we take for granted in our lives when we have access to things that are convenient. Thanks for reading and there will be more to come!

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  1. Now you're living the #vanlife! :D